HIPAA Hot Water Quiz

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1. My supervisor asked for my computer password; should I give it to them?
2. I can never remember my password; should I write it down?
3. How often do I have to change my MSSCA password?
4. I forgot my MSSCA Password; what should I do?
5. What are MSSCA's password requirements?
6. My coworker forgot their password, should I give them my password so they can login?
7. My coworker forgot their password; should I let them use my computer where I am logged in?
8. I have consumer notes that I would like to work on at home, should I copy them to a flash drive?
9. I cannot access some files and folders on the "S" drive, what should I do?
10. I have a personal device that needs charging which takes a usb port, should I plug it into MSSCA's computers?
11. What does the acronym MSSCA stand for?
12. What does the acronym PHI stand for?
13. What does the acronym ePHI stand for?
14. What does the acronym HIPAA stand for?
15. What does the acronym HITECH stand for?
16. Should I work on consumer notes while in a busy library where people are waiting to get onto a computer?
17. While working at home, I often leave the computer where I am logged into resources through the application portal; is this okay?
18. Can I ask my spouse to proof read a consumer note while working remotely?
19. I need to know if my boss email me; is it okay to have my spouse check my MSSCA email from home?
20. I am working at a remote location and my supervisor is located at Head Quarters. I need to print a document to turn in to my supervisor; should I print the document remotely and transport it to my supervisor?
21. My spouse accidentally read my notes while I was working in Therap; is this a HIPAA violation?
22. While in my office, a consumer walks in, sits down and starts reading about another consumer on my computer screen; is this a HIPAA violation?
23. I needed to take a bathroom break and left my computer with me logged in, someone walks by to see if I am at my desk and reads a note about my consumer; is this a HIPAA violation.
24. I left my workstation while logged in to take a bathroom break; I was only gone five minutes, is this a HIPAA violation?
25. My monitor faces a public area; what should I do if someone walks up while I am working on a consumer note? (Choose all that apply)

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