Look at Me!

Look at Me! provides ongoing developmental screening and child development information to families with children from birth to five years of age.

Parents receive developmental questionnaires by mail, complete the activities with their child and return the questionnaire. The information is reviewed by trained staff and feedback is sent, along with developmental information and activity ideas. Questionnaires are mailed every two months up until age two, then every three months until age three and every six months until age five. Home visits are offered twice a year to review questionnaires, answer child development questions, and provide face-to-face opportunity to answer specific questions or concerns that parents may have.

  • Developmental screenings by mail or online
    (Conducted @ Newborn, 2M, 4M, 6M, 8M, 10M, 1Y, 14M, 16M, 18M, 20M, 22M, 2Y, 27M, 30M, 33M, 3Y, 42M, 4Y, 54M, 5Y)
  • Feedback about child’s strengths and parent concerns
  • Developmental activities/information
  • Home-visits twice a year (optional)
  • Ongoing contact person to discuss parent concerns

Any parent with a child from birth to five years of age. Parents can begin the program at any time.

Sources of Funding:

United Way


Provided at no cost

Please contact Gwen Teutsch for more information about the Look at Me! Program.